To properly prepare a business for sale, determining value, preparing the marketing/sales materials, searching the market place, interviewing buyers and arranging visitations at the business, writing and negotiating offers, overseeing due diligence to the date of closing can take from three months to twenty four months.  There are a number of factors that will determine timing of the sale. Some of these are size and complexity and health of the business, the industry, the economy and other competing offerings in the market place. Also, the number of offers, the duration of negotiations and due diligence can add substantial time to the process.

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Three to Twenty-Four Months

  1. Market Value Range Analysis
  2. Non-Specific and Specific Marketing Business Profiles
  3. Target Acquirer Development
  4. Walk-Thru of Premises with Purchaser(s)
  5. Offer Presentation(s)
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Closing

Goals & Objectives

Understanding the goals and objectives of the seller and buyer (are key) to ensure that we focus on the appropriate steps to be taken. Time is a rare commodity and we do our best to ensure that it is not wasted.

Market Value Range Analysis

The first step in the transfer of ownership process is to determine a value range for the company. A unique approach is taken by determining the various values that may be offered for the company by different types of buyers; strategic, corporate or sophisticated, financial or lifestyle, or industry.

Analysis & Research

As part of the Market Value Range Analysis, analyzing all aspects of the company and researching the industry and relevant sources, we determine opportunities to enhance the company value for the various buyers that show interest.

Non-Specific and Specific Marketing Business Profiles

Confidentiality is the number one priority when marketing a company. Our program ensures that buyers are not given any proprietary information that would prematurely divulge the identity of the company. Buyers are required to complete a confidentiality agreement and buyer information form. We want to ensure for both the seller and buyer that the company being presented is an appropriate fit. We develop a non-specific two page profile for interested purchasers to enable them to make basic decisions as to the suitability of the opportunity being reviewed. Before moving forward with the Specific Profile which contains greater detail of the company, the confidentiality and buyer information forms must be completed and approved.

Target Acquirer Development

Upon completion and approval by the seller of the Non-Specific and Specific profiles, we then go into the market place to search out only qualified interested buyers. Only, after completing a rigorous qualification process are buyers entitled to any confidential information. Qualification not only includes financial capability, but also management ability and the motivation to follow through the complete purchase process.

Walk-Thru of Premises with Purchaser(s)

As serious, qualified buyers come forward to meet with the seller and to view the premises, appointments will be arranged. Our goal is to ensure that limited disturbance to the day-to-day operations occur. We narrow the purchaser visits to a select group of buyers that are committed to completing the acquisition process. Quality versus quantity, when it comes to buyer introductions, is one of the main reasons for our success.

Offer Presentation(s)

Once we have found one or more motivated buyers, we will begin and oversee the complete negotiation process. All offers put forward by buyers are presented. Our clients are not obligated to accept any offer.

Due Diligence

We control the due diligence process to ensure minimum disruption for employees and the business operation. Confidentiality is maintained throughout this process to ensure that only those parties requiring knowledge of the sale are involved. We work closely with all parties, including, lawyers, accountants, financial institutions, and other advisors to ensure that the due diligence process proceeds smoothly.


We work closely with all parties to ensure that the planned closing date is achieved and that the closing process proceeds smoothly. We remain available to our clients to resolve issues that may occur subsequent to closing.


Creative Business Intermediary Inc. has developed a strong and reliant affiliate base to ensure that its clients will have the best representation possible.

Our affiliates are comprised of lawyers, accountants, tax consultants, wealth management advisors, and international business brokerage and merger & acquisition associations.

Creative Business Intermediary Inc. and its affiliates have combined their synergistic talents and skills to offer the finest education, support, valuation services, brokerage, financial, legal and tax advice.

The transferring of a lifetime of dreams to someone else can be complicated and difficult. It makes sense to have dedicated professionals on the team.

We will make these experts available to any client upon request.