Testimonial #1:
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and congratulate you on a job well done. Despite many obstacles, you managed to find the right buyer, secure a fair price, negotiate terms and conditions that were in our favour and deal with lawyers and accountants who for good reason complicated the deal in ways that none of us had imagined, and lastly, keep me sane. We were both very impressed with your professionalism, your knowledge of your business and especially your ability to keep a cool head during stressful negotiations. Once again, thanks so much for doing such a fine job.”

Testimonial #2:
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating the sale of our business. This was not an easy sale to structure or to execute, owing to a number of factors, including; the specialized nature of our business, the fact that our principal asset was goodwill and our reputation among our clientele and eleventh-hour health problems that might have jeopardized the entire process. Any one of these factors might have led us to simply wind down the business that we had built up over so many years – instead, through your expert, dedicated and tireless facilitation we found a buyer who is already initiating growth in the company and we have realized a return for our years spent developing the business. The sale that you facilitated was one that was creative and spoke to our needs as vendors and the concerns of the purchaser. We wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone contemplating the sale of his or her business.”

Testimonial #3:
“On behalf of all the shareholders, I want to thank you for helping us to sell our family of companies. Your ability to package our companies and bring some very qualified buyers has resulted in the sale of our corporations to a public corporation. We are very pleased with the resultant price that you obtained for the corporations and were additionally pleased to have been able to sell our real estate holdings too. The whole process was very complicated but your step by step approach and constant communication throughout helped maintain a calm result to the date of closing.”

Testimonial #4:
“It has been a while since you sold my company, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your service. I truly appreciated the number of qualified buyers you brought and especially the multiple offers on my company. Your constant communication was a great comfort while we were going through a very stressful process. Your involvement allowed me to continue with the day-to-day operations during a very busy time. The new owner has taken the reins and the company continues to grow.”